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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mudah membuat link dengan Zemanta

Namanya bukan sumanto lho ya. Tapi Zemanta. Seperti yang diberitakan di buzz.blogger.com bahwa Zemanta ini dinamakan samrtblog juga. Lebih lanjut sebagaimana berikut. Blogger Labels are easier to use with Zemanta, too: Zemanta automatically suggests labels for your based on the text of your post, and creates the labels for you if you like. Finally, "Latest Update" gives you a list of blog posts from other blogs writing about similar topics. It's a great way to discover sites talking about similar topics, and if you'd like to point your readers to those articles for further reading, clicking on them in the sidebar inserts them as "Related reading" links at the bottom of your post (see below).


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