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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tips for Successful IP Camera Surveillance

Copyright (c) 2009 Wes Fernley. Since the events of 9/11, the nature of airport security has become extremely important. Travellers and staff have grown increasingly worried about the threat of terrorism and crime when they travel, and so it's the responsibility of airports to take advantage of all technology available to ensure there is a safe environment in which individuals feel protected. IP cameras, or Internet cameras, are devices that record and send information over the Internet rather than tapes. This holds many advantages in cost and efficiency, and will mean a much safer airport environment. IP Camera Advantages for Airports IP cameras have wireless capabilities and can be set up extremely quickly and easily. Since they are digital recordings, they can record an almost infinite amount of data without large amounts of physical storage space being required. IP cameras can be remotely controlled over the Internet, allowing security teams to monitor a wide amount of space with the click of a button. Some IP cameras use built-in motion detector technology. This means that cameras will automatically turn on and focus on where activity is taking place, saving time if tapes need to be reviewed. These functions that have arrived with new technology don't just provide an added convenience to the security team, improvements in efficiency and functionality provided by Internet cameras mean real, tangible improvements in the safety of airports, and can greatly reduce the level of crimes that go on without their perpetrators being identified. Despite these advantages, network cameras should not be thought of as replacements of live, human security personnel. While security cameras serve a valuable function in their ability to deter crime, monitor activity and identify criminals, the safety provided by real people on the ground can never truly be replaced. Tips for Successful IP Camera Surveillance When determining how to lay out your IP camera system, consider the previous security history of the area. Have crimes gone unnoticed in the past? How has the old system been set up, and what were the positive and negative impacts of this design? Inevitably, every corner of the airport will not be being watched at all times. It's therefore important to consider where the blind spots of the airport are, and how these can be minimized. It's also important that security personnel recognize blind spots, and that they are areas that see less activity from individuals, so there is less chance of a crime going on unnoticed. It's most important that every entrance and exit and exit of the airport is covered. Ideally, it should be possible for a camera to see the face of every individual entering and leaving. If an individual commits a crime while the camera covers their face, the video of this individual entering the airport will provide a clear means of identification for police. In conclusion, taking advantage of Internet cameras helps not only in saving money and time with its ease of use, it can greatly increase the safety of airport users.


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